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About us

The Group of Astrodynamics for the Use of Space Systems, GAUSS Srl (Gruppo di Astrodinamica per L'Uso dei Sistemi Spaziali Srl) is a limited liability Company based in Rome, carrying on the more than ten-year-old tradition of the Scuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale in the field of microsatellites and evolving from a merely didactical dimension to an innovative company reality.

The Company, founded in 2012, originated from the University research group, GAUSS, established at the Laboratory of Astrodynamics of the chair of Applied Astrodynamics held by Professor Filippo Graziani from 1978 to 2010.

The Professor has carried on didactics and trainings with a teaching methodology aiming at developing synthesis, planning abilities and the capability to put into practice what learned from the studies in a group work, a must in the industrial and research activities. Hence, this Company benefits from the experience gained by its founder Professor Filippo Graziani, member of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), in over thirty years of activity at the School of Aerospace Engineering of the University of Rome "Sapienza" and that of the co-founder and his former student, Chantal Cappelletti. The current group includes a number of permanent collaborators, some young graduates and consultants for the various themes of space systems.

Since the early nineties, activities of designing, ground testing, integration, launch and ground operations have been managed by GAUSS members at the Scuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale, where the UniSat Program started under the supervision of Professor F. Graziani. The first microsatellite, UniSat, was completely manufactured by the University students and launched in September 2000. It was followed by several small satellites untill Unisat 7.

Nowadays Gauss works in its labs on new satellites technology and it is involved in several project in collaborations with SIA, ASI and other important companies.

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Our Projects


In collaboration with Scuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale (SIA), this project focuses on optimizing the design and performance of ramjet engines specifically tailored for small launchers. By harnessing the principles of air-breathing propulsion, we aim to develop systems that are not only cost-effective but also reliable and scalable, opening up new possibilities for commercial and scientific missions. To test it,  we are also spearheading the development of a supersonic wind tunnel. Our wind tunnel will be engineered to replicate supersonic flight conditions, providing researchers with a controlled environment to test and validate various designs and concepts.


SIMONA (SIstema di Messa in Orbita Navale) is a project focused on a ship-based launch system for small satellites. Leveraging maritime platforms for satellite launches opens up a realm of possibilities for cost-effective and flexible access to space. Our system aims to provide reliable and efficient deployment options for small satellites, catering to the growing demand for space-based services and applications.